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Track Name: Lets Go_Cypress Hill_(SMIDI REMIX)
Cypress Hill
Track Name: Down_Young Fit Ft. Joe Moses_(SMIDI REMIX)
Young Fit & Joe Moses
Track Name: I Do It For The Ratchets_Joe Moses_(SMIDI REMIX)
Joe Moses
Track Name: 1500 Strokes_Trai D_(SMIDI REMIX)
Trai D
Track Name: Im The Bomb_Joy Deja King ft Cash Out_(SMIDI REMIX)
Joy Deja King ft Cash Out
Track Name: Diamond Life_Tyga_(SMIDI REMIX)
Track Name: Smoke Coming All Off Me_X Change and Good Money_(SMIDI REMIX)
X Change and Good Money
Track Name: Like Me_2 Chain Ft. The Weeknd_(SMIDI REMIX)
2 Chain Ft. The Weeknd
Track Name: Hold Up_Cash Out ft Wale_(SMIDI REMIX)
Cash Out ft Wale
Track Name: All About A Sack_Travis Porter ft Jose Guapo and Skooly_(SMIDI REMIX)
Travis Porter ft Jose Guapo and Skooly
Track Name: Ima Beast_Imfamous ft Q Machette_(SMIDI REMIX)
Imfamous ft Q Machette
Track Name: I.D.G.A.F._Dorrough Music_(SMIDI REMIX)
Dorrough Music